Go For Broke And Break The Bank

Thus far Campaign 2016 has only succeeded in making me go bananas and I have Donald Trump to blame. His style of telling his detractors to go fry an egg is that of an authoritarian. More often than not he goes off half-cocked. One can only hope that his style will hasten him going to the dogs. In the meantime, although the presidential campaign is driving me up a wall, I'll go along for the ride and anxiously wait for Trump to go haywire.  Trump  is going for broke but in the process he may well break the bank. Even an ego that does not quit can't possibly be enough to see him soil the office of POTUS.


Campaign 2016

The race to be the  Republican candidate for President of the United States is a kettle full of cliches. Evidence of the pot calling the kettle black abounds. When the pot reaches the boiling point the candidates readily resort to "liar, liar your pants are on fire". Making a mountain out of a molehill is their version of political strategy.  If all else fails they make sure that they are seen as holy as a monk  If something works for someone then all the others embrace "monkey see, monkey do". Of course this is all monkey business.More literally it is a lot of crap. 


About Presidential Politics

Hitting the  road to gain a political party's nomination for president calls for a lot of guts and money.Concerning the latter it goes without saying that meager campaign funds are a guarantee that the candidate will end up as small potatoes. Even with a large war chest, a candidate is vulnerable. His ability to separate the wheat from the chaff goes a long way in the process of separating the men from the boys

Of course if one is running for the GOP nomination all bets are off concerning the foregoing. A bombastic style, an ego that doesn't quit, the ability to distort history and a command of cliches go to the top of the list for nomination clinchers.


About Bites

I planned to write a post about cliches containing the word "bite" but I soon found out that I had bitten off more than I could chew. Needless to say, my project bit the dust. I tried to bite the bullet and move on but when push came to pull I took one more crack at it by resorting to Google search. Lo and behold I found that "bite" had something other going for it than the clamping of teeth. There are sound bites - those short catchy statements extracted from a longer speech or report used in a radio or TV newscast. Then we have the first cousin of bite; namely, byte. I had forgotten that bytes related to computer memory. What is a byte? A byte consists of eight bits. I guess a bit is an itty bitty byte. Wrong! A bit is short for binary digit. At least I had the itty bitty right. At this point I must admit that if I were writing for a living, writing this post would be equivalent to biting the hand that feeds me.


About Hogs

Does an asinine expression qualify as a cliche? The idiom "to cut a fat hog in the ass" is an argument in favor of "yes". To cut a fat hog in the ass is associated with having a raucous time or more generally to have something beneficial to occur in your favor. That being so, I'm still perplexed. If I won the lottery I would find no pleasure in cutting a hog in the ass.

Going the whole hog is another expression that I prefer not to touch with a ten foot pole. To go the whole hog implies that I've done something completely. No part of the hog has gone to waste, not even the ass. Uggh! 

I didn't purposely have hogs hogging the limelight in this post at the expense of pigs. Which prompts me to muse about the difference between a hog and a pig. With the aid of the all knowing Google, I discovered that in the United States the term "pig" refers to a young swine weighing less than 120 pounds while the term "hog" refers to an older swine weighing more than 120 pounds. Not so in Great Britain where a pig is a pig is a pig.

I must admit, writing this post was like cutting a hog in the ass. Ouch!